Cool facts about Albert Einstein


Einstein was undeniably a genius. He won the Nobel Prize due to his radical discoveries, and he has also won the hearts of millions with his humor and wit. It is time to celebrate the minds who have transformed the world we live in, and to remind people that they have added a new layer of detail to the lens through which we see life. So to honor Albert Einstein, here are some of the lesser known facts about this amazing human.

As a proof of how much people have cared about him, Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel. After the death of the country’s first president, Ben-Gurion, the founder of the modern state asked the genius to rule the country. But he declined, stating that his old age prevented him from having the patience to deal with people. He was 73 at that time.



Another rather weird thing about the guy is that he never actually spent his money that he got from winning the prestigious award. All the cash went into a trust created for his sons, soon after he divorced his first wife. They had a troubled relationship, and this was his guarantee that his children will be looked after, even if something happened to him.

When we think about his discovery of the Theory of Relativity, we think that his memory must be incredible in order to remember and to solve all of those complicated physics problems. But the truth is, Einstein had issues remembering things. Which makes us gasp with wonder even more at his genius. His memory was so terrible that he couldn’t remember his own phone number, a thing which makes him even more relatable and lovable.

Speaking of the Nobel Prize, most people assume that he won the prize for his theories over general and special relativity. But things are a bit different. He won the award in 1921 for all of his discoveries and career, rather than for one thing as most laureates do. He wasn’t offered the Noble for his advances in relativity because they can’t be a hundred percent proven as of today, but they still wanted to honor his amazing mind.

He was a quirky figure. At some point, he even made a list of rules for his second wife, that she had to follow to the letter. And when he was young, it took him a long time to learn how to speak. This made his family worried that he might have been mentally damaged.

There are not many people who can say have changed the world. But Albert Einstein did that, and he deserves to be cherished and remembered by all generations. People even say that his discoveries will allow us at some point travel through space and time, a thing which is very exciting for the future of humankind.


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